Research and Learning

Material from both the Research and Reference Collections is available for loan and study by those who are preparing taxonomic revisions. Records of loans and of all incoming and outgoing shipments of specimens are maintained.
Primary type material (holotypes, lectotypes and neotypes) based on Strickland Museum specimens are not retained here, as a matter of policy. Rather, it is deposited in appropriate national or major regional museums.

Identification of carabids is one of the main services provided, on the basis of written requests, in aid of research or collection development. Submitted specimens must be labeled as to locality and must be prepared properly for ease of examination.

As well, insect specimens are identified for the general public locally, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, the Alberta Department of Agriculture, public health units in Alberta and the Northwest Territories, medical laboratories, the Provincial Laboratory of Public Health, the University of Alberta Hospital, and police forces in Alberta and British Columbia. Methods of control of household insect pests are recommended, on request.